The fastest way to optimize your machine learning models

Make your models

  •  smaller,

  •  faster,

  •  more power-efficient

by adding only one line of code

Benchmark: "GPT-2" on "cpu_intel_i7"


The Tori-engine is built upon three principles

1. Reliability.

MLOps workflow acceleration through reliable RUNTIME/POWER performance measures, at development time.

  • Does your model run under the required frame-rate across different smartphones?

  • Can your hardware handle 25000 requests p. sec. on your latest models?

Find out, before deploying, if your model fits the requirements of your target use-case.

2. Performance & Lightweight.

Create the most compact and efficient ML models, while maintaining top prediction performance.

Tori's hardware-aware optimization functions with minimal compute resources.

3. Flexibility & Speed.

The Tori-engine operates on-premise to keep your data private. Moreover, the engine is designed to be completely non-intrusive; keep your custom data loaders, training and validation environments, etc. 

Lastly, we support your favorite ML-framework. 

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